What does it mean to be a SATISFYD Top Dealer? It's not just a title; it's a testament to excellence in meeting or exceeding the year's benchmarks for Net Promoter Score (NPS), Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), and online reputation scorecards (online reviews).

    Each year, we benchmark all the survey data from more than 1,000 dealers of top equipment manufacturers from across the United States, Canada, and Australia. We then use the survey data to calculate a dealer benchmark for the key metrics to track customer satisfaction and employee engagement, resulting in the list of the Top Dealers for each year.

    Celebrating Excellence: SATISFYD's 2024 Top Dealer Awards

    We are thrilled to announce the winners of our 2024 Top Dealer Awards, recognizing dealerships that have gone above and beyond in providing exceptional customer experiences, fostering fantastic employee engagement, and maintaining outstanding online reputations.

    Top Dealers for Exceptional Customer Experience

    Badges_2024-01Our first award celebrates dealer groups that consistently provide exceptional customer experiences throughout their organization. We applaud the following winners for their dedication to customer satisfaction:

    - 4 Rivers Equipment
    - A&H Equipment Company
    - Atlantic Tractor LLC
    - Bartron Supply, Inc.
    - Berry Companies
    - Cal-Coast Machinery, Inc.
    - Cazenovia Equipment Co., Inc.
    - Coastline Equipment Company
    - Cross Implement, Inc.
    - Greenland Equipment Ltd
    - Greenline Service Corp
    - Greenmark Equipment, Inc.
    - Haug Implement Co.
    - Heritage Tractor
    - Hutson, Inc.
    - James River Equipment, LLC
    - Leslie Equipment Co.
    - Miller-Bradford & Risberg, Inc.
    - Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc.
    - Neff Co.
    - Parallel Ag
    - Phillips Equipment Corp.
    - S.H. Dayton Ltd
    - Tellus Equipment Solutions
    - Tennessee Tractor, LLC
    - Thomason Tractor Co. Of California
    - Virginia Tractor
    - Wade Incorporated

    Congratulations to all the winners of the Exceptional Customer Experience award! Your commitment to providing top-tier service and satisfaction is truly commendable.

    Top Dealers for Fantastic Employee Engagement

    Voice of Employee - Top Dealer Award - 2024Our second award recognizes dealer groups that excel in providing fantastic employee experiences across their organization. We extend our congratulations to the following winners:

    - Agriteer
    - Greenmark Equipment, Inc.
    - Hanlon
    - Heritage Tractor
    - Huron Tractor
    - Lakeside Trucks
    - Meade Tractor
    - ParallelAg
    - Premier Equipment
    - Vermeer Great Plains

    Kudos to the winners of the Fantastic Employee Engagement award! Your dedication to creating a positive work environment is inspiring.

    Top Dealers for Outstanding Online Reputation

    Online Reputation - Top Dealer Award - 2024Last but certainly not least, we celebrate dealer groups with a remarkable online reputation across their organization. Congratulations to the following winners:

    - Albemarle Outdoor
    - Atlas Equipment
    - Boone Tractor
    - Brown and Hurley
    - Hobo Tractor
    - Jim's Farm Equipment
    - Lauf Equipment
    - Midwest Equipment
    - Miller-Bradford & Risberg
    - Nance Tractor & Implements Inc.
    - North Star Hardware & Implement
    - Pattison Ag
    - Powell Tractor Inc.
    - Ridgeview New Holland
    - Ron's Equipment Co.
    - Surry Equipment
    - Youngblood Tractor

    To all the winners of the Outstanding Online Reputation award, your commitment to maintaining a positive digital presence is exemplary.

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    Ryan Condon
    Post by Ryan Condon
    April 15, 2024
    Ryan is the Co-Founder and CEO of SATISFYD. Since 1998, Ryan has been working with global equipment manufacturers and dealer owner groups to build more customer-centric organizations that outperform the competition. Ryan is an equipment industry veteran and expert in customer and employee experience management. Ryan has delivered over 100 in-person classes and speeches to help educate and inform on the power of delivering unique and consistent customer and employee experiences. Ryan, and his wife, live in Austin, TX with their four kids. Ryan is an avid mountain biker and runner.

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